Rep. John Conyers...

Source: Bill Clark / Getty

Representative John Conyers Jr., died this past Sunday at the age of 90.

Conyers was an advocate for liberal causes for five decades and the longest-serving black man, or woman in the history of Congress. Holly Baird, who currently serves as the family spokeswoman, confirmed the death.

Conyers was the only member of the House Judiciary Committee to participate in the impeachment process against both President Richard Nixon, and President Bill Clinton.

During the 1974 impeachment of President Nixon was vital to “restore our government the proper balance of constitutional power and to serve notice on all future president that such abuse of power will never again be tolerated.”

In his 53 years of service in the U.S. House, Conyers built a reputation as a champion for civil and humans rights. The rep from Detroit was a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus in 1969, which advocates and promotes legislative concerns of black and minority communities.

His legacy was clouded, and came to an abrupt end due to allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances, and mistreated a couple of female staffers. The complaints led to his resignation in December of 2017.

Conyers is survived by his wife, and his two sons John III and Carl.

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