Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks

Source: Ronald Martinez / Getty

Lebron James at 35 years old and is in his 17th season in the NBA has shown no signs of slowing down. He has the new-look Lakers off to a torrid 6-1 start, and he has been tearing it up on the floor. Following a comeback win over the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night, a courtside heckler was getting his shots in at Lebron.

A presumed Bulls fan was seated behind the Lakers bench when LeBron ended him with a slick comeback. “Your lady embarrassed to be with you.”

LeBron and the Lakers trailed by as much as 19 points as late as the third quarter when the bench crew came in and made a dent in the lead. Lebron and the starters finished the comeback and he led the way with 30 points 11 assists, 10 rebound, and two steals to guide the Lakers to their sixth straight win.

LeBron also became the first Lakers players to post consecutive triple-doubles since the legendary Magic Johnson.