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While the nation was celebrating Independence Day, rapper Lil Webbie (left) was busy catching a case.

Born Webster Gradney Jr., the Baton Rouge, La. native is accused of beating and strangling his girlfriend. Police say he also held her against her will, fractured her nose, and left belt marks along the woman’s thighs and back.

From The Advocate: “According to the arrest warrant, Baton Rouge police were called to the Comfort Inn, 4924 Constitution Ave., at 6:26 a.m. Wednesday. The victim told police Gradney beat her in the head, neck, arms, legs and back, alternately with a closed and open fist, as well as a belt. At one point, he pinned her to the ground with his knees in her throat until she couldn’t breathe for several seconds, according to the warrant. Her fractured nose left her coughing and spitting up blood, the report says. Gradney also stole her cellphone and damaged the hotel room where they were staying, according to the warrant.”

“The victim claimed Gradney held her against her will for about two hours and had been consuming marijuana and cocaine for the two previous days, not sleeping at all, according to the arrest report,” the site continues. “After the fight, both Gradney and the victim visited a local hospital, but Gradney was not seriously injured, said Sgt. L’Jean ‘Gino’ McKneely, a spokesman for Baton Rouge Police. ‘It wasn’t anything major,’ McKneely said of Gradney’s condition. ‘He was treated and released.'”

Meanwhile, Lil Webbie’s PR rep Chantelle Gilbeaux maintains that he “is not on cocaine,” adding no drugs were found in the hotel where the incident took place, or in his vehicle. Gilbeaux also claims the victim had been “acting erratically” that night.

Webbie faces multiple charges, including aggravated battery with a weapon, second-degree battery, domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment, theft and simple criminal damage to property. He has since bonded out of Parish Prison and was allowed to return to Georgia, where he owns a home, reports.

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