The world’s favorite Cognac, Hennessy, launched its latest edition of the Hennessy Very Special Limited bottle, with urban street artist JonOne.

Launching this month, the custom-designed bottle features colorful designs that will be released globally in 50 different countries. The JonOne collab is the seventh of an ongoing series of collaborations between Hennessy V.S and several internationally renowned artists.

JonOne is a native Harlem knight who has been featured all over the world in various cutting-edge art scenes, where staying true to himself and pushing the boundaries have been his greatest assets. Prior to his Hennessy collaboration, JonOne had never visited Cognac, Italy. Upon his arrival, the artist immediately grew a connection with the down energy and passion for creativity, which was reflected in his design of the bottle.

Encased in an over-sized paint can, a special deluxe gift edition is available, in the 1.75L bottle decorated with JonOne’s iconic tag and Hennessy iconography that retails for $200. It’s available now on at retailer national retailers.

For more information about the collab, visit, and check out JonOne’s signature cocktails below.

Hennessy x JonOne
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