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L   et’s be straight. In many households, news that someone is teetering towards a psychological breakdown or battling a mental health issue—think everything from stress and depression to bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia—might not be met with the level of understanding it merits. And truthfully, there isn’t always room for support. There are two concurrent issues here, first there’s the fact that Black folks have been so focused on being strong and “making it” that meltdowns aren’t always visible until full crisis mode hits. Second, there’s that whole stigma thing. The pressure to maintain superhuman resilience against the gamut of stressors that uniquely impact individuals from marginalized communities—systemic racism, high-poverty rates and the corresponding traumas— is unfair but still people tend to take the nose down approach to those facing challenges. But this isn’t a lecture; it’s a quiz. So the question is simple: How well do you understand mental health? Take our test and find out.


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