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As a married couple themselves, Donnell Baldwin and Courtney Arrington-Baldwin understand what goes into the creation of a wedding. The pair launched their company, Mr. Baldwin Style, after noticing the lack of fashion service dedicated to men on their big day. Their best-selling book, Grooms: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget gives men essential tips for looking fresh when saying “I Do.”

With wedding season upon us, the pair dropped some jewels on nailing your look.


Consider your other half. Selecting your ‘fit without consulting your partner is a bad look. The love of your life will never let this fly, so save yourself the drama and be sure to consult with them first.

Invest in a tailor. Made-to-measure suiting can run you a pretty penny. If you’re unable to splurge on a custom look, hire a tailor who can make your off-the-rack garments fit like a glove for a nominal fee.

Learn how to tie a bow tie… finally. Gone are the days of clip-ons. Ditch the self-tying neckwear and perfect this sartorial rite of passage as you chuck the deuces to your single days.

Don’t forget the finishing touches. The Baldwins’ motto is: “Style. It’s in the Details.” And they’re damn right. Upgrade your look with small accents and you’ll be the best dressed man in the room.


Playing twinsies with your groomsmen is wack. If you and your boys are wearing the same suiting, be sure to incorporate accents that will make you stand out. With all the money you’re dishing out, everyone should be able to spot the groom when looking at those group pics.

Nix the belt and suspenders combo. If you’re wearing a suit for your wedding instead of a tuxedo, choose a belt OR suspenders, not both.

Leave the old shoes at home. Make sure your wedding day apparel budget includes the purchase of new shoes. Not only will your future spouse look at your shoes— so will everyone else. Start this new chapter by putting your best foot forward— literally.

Don’t OD on your boutonniere. Large floral boutonnieres distract from the details on your suit and compete with your overall look. Keep it tasteful and stick to a classic smaller style that won’t overpower.

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important days of your life, so don’t mess it up. Choose your fashion wisely and budget accordingly. All eyes will be on you, so take the time to select a look that not only complements your better half, but will look damn good in pictures.