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I’m a Cancer like Kevin Hart, so I understand how today’s hateful social media culture can get under anyone’s skin. But as America catapults toward a second Civil War (thanks to 45), Hart’s decision to roast critics who were questioned his faithfulness to his wife only succeeded in spreading negativity within a culture that needs unity.

See the misguided post below, which he posted as the world was mourning the tragedy in Charlottesville, Va.

#kevinhart addressing the haters on our previous post about #BallerificCouples

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The Philly native had time to clap back at “angry, bitter” women, an implicit insult to BallerAlert’s audience of mostly Black women, when the lives of people of color are at risk.

Hart’s personal life is the subject of his comedy routines, so if he’s too sensitive to ignore the jokes about his recent relationship woes, he shouldn’t be reading the comments. Cloaking his hatred in the form of jokes doesn’t hide the true cause of his pain, as it did in his film Laugh at My Pain. This pain is not funny, just hurtful — and an obvious attempt to deflect from the shame he’s still holding from past mistakes.

As BallerAlert follower @Nyla slim pointed out under a post about Kev’s comment: “Having a man or not having one doesn’t make you go from angry to happy. Having a man is NOT an accomplishment, having a man is not the remedy to all women’s life problems! I don’t respect it when men talk about women in this way. Some women are happy to be single till they find the right man and that is just fine. Do not blame single women when you step out on your partner and then when called out you say bitter women don’t want to see your wife happy. The only person who doesn’t want to her happy is YOU by doing things that could possibly hurt her. Take responsibility for your actions as a man! The world doesn’t have to care about your woman and her happiness that is YOUR job.” Well said.

If the highest-grossing comedian of all time has “time today,” as he wrote on IG, then maybe he can find time to invest more energy in using his fame to combat hate rather than shaming single women — he didn’t even have “time” to pay his respects on social media for the horrible tragedy in Charlottesville, Va. Hart is a safe, non-threatening comedian who stays in his lane when it comes to politics, so he should also do the same when it comes to women and relationships. All of that negativity is better directed elsewhere.