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L    azy d*ck isn’t just about having a wack stroke, or poor stamina. It’s about not being a full partner in the sexual experience and failing to make sure the person you’re with isn’t just with it, but ready (read: moist, thoroughly aroused, and likely to orgasm). You can’t control how well a woman knows her own body, but a little due diligence on your end can ensure that all of your “You up?” texts get an instant “Yes.”

It all starts with a kiss. Now, you’ve likely been kissing for years, but time served doesn’t make you a pro. Becoming a good kisser requires strategy. Check out these easy tips and leave a lasting impression with your mouth—without saying a word.

Now, you’ve likely been kissing for years, but time served doesn’t make you a pro.

 1 Keep It Moist

All great kissers have one thing in common: soft lips. Crusty lips aren’t sexy—and they can actually hurt. Lips that are moisturized and free of dead skin are inviting and feel good on every spot you kiss. Pregame and stay ready by exfoliating your lips to remove cracked, dry skin. You can do this by regularly rubbing a warm hand towel on your lips until the new layer of soft skin is revealed. Remember to follow up with lip balm throughout the day as needed. Also, don’t forget to drink water— your overall hydration impacts your lips and skin.

2 Stay Fresh

Stank breath is a major distraction—even if a woman likes you. Brushing your teeth before meeting up with your partner and after eating, drinking, and smoking is key. If things pop off and you don’t have a grooming kit, hit the bathroom, thoroughly rinse your mouth, and pop some gum or a mint. And make sure you visit a dentist regularly for overall oral maintenance.

3 Get On Message

The lips contain receptors that carry messages to the brain. What isn’t spoken can be understood by the way you use your mouth to touch your partner. Before you pucker up, set an intention in your mind of what you want your kiss to relay to your partner. When you get into the act, continue to hold those thoughts in your mind as your lips intertwine. You will notice how your partner responds to your messages by observing their breathing, heartbeat, and reciprocity.

4 Go With The Flow

Don’t be pressed to run the show, or fall back so hard that you’re just following right out the gate. Assess the situation and complement your partner’s energy. If they are timid or seem to respond better when you make a move, then you can feel confident in taking the lead. If your partner is more aggressive in delivery, then follow. Kissing is a dance of the lips that requires observation in the moment. The power dynamic may shift as the session continues, so be open and have fun.

5 Get Your Mom Kiss Game Up

A peck (a quick smooch, no tongue), when applied sensually, isn’t asexual. It can actually be used as a way to greet your partner with affection, to celebrate a victory, to say goodnight or see you later, or to simply show appreciation. The peck can also be a great introduction for more to come and help you gauge your partner’s interest in having a heated make out session.

6 Get Grabby

Using the insides of your lips to stimulate your partner’s lips feels smooth and sensual. This is the kissing technique that turns things up a notch and sends signals to the brain to prepare the body for sex. Grab your partner’s fullest lip with your lips and rub it using a little suction. Your lips should glide across each other’s with ease. You can start off slow, then speed up as you begin to feel the intensity rising. Switch lips to make sure both are paid an equal amount of attention.

7 Wrestlemania

Using some tongue action while kissing brings out the freak in all of us—but the key is to prep your partner’s mouth before entry. Start with a lingering peck, then pull away slightly and use the very tip of your tongue to flick your partner’s upper lip. This serves as a way to gauge their interest in meeting your tongue with theirs. If your partner mimics your movement or gives another signal inviting more, slide inside. When your tongues meet, be aware of who is taking the lead in tongue action and play along. Your tongues should rub against each other in rhythm.

8 Nibble Action

Turn up the kink in your kissing by incorporating teeth to nip, graze, or even bite the fullness of your partner’s lips. Start off by using light pressure when nipping, and increase your teeth’s grip, while gauging your partner’s comfort level. After you nibble, make sure to rub out the slight sting of your bites with your lips. Consider rubbing lips as a form of aftercare during your kinkier kisses.

9 Get Into It

The best way to crush it with a kiss is to be passionate. Take deep breaths as you kiss and look into your partner’s eyes. Synchronize your breathing with your partner’s and don’t be afraid to let out a moan as you begin to feel aroused. Caress your partner’s face and pull your them close into you to increase arousal. Put as much doting energy into your kisses as possible. Every sexy act is captivating—dine with passion.

Glamazon Tyomi is CASSIUS’ resident sexpert. Follow her at @glamazontyomi.