This weekend, CASSIUS and Global Grind are teaming up with TIDAL for the 2017 Budweiser Made In America Festival. The TIDAL Rising Stage will be full of upcoming acts that are sure to have the MIA crowd fully lit, but there are five artists you especially don’t want to miss.

1 First up is Nick Grant. Born in South Carolina and raised in Atlanta, Nick has a flow that is not to be fucked with. He’s already earned the respect of a few hip hop OGs and he’s all about staying disciplined and paying it forward. Watch his video for “Bouncin'” just above— it’s only a matter of time before the world recognizes his gift.

2 Next, we have to give it to Jorja Smith. With her soulful melodies and passionate lyrics, the R&B singer-songwriter has been turning heads for years now. She’s a beauty with a rare confidence that cannot be faked. Watch her work in the video for “People,” alongside Cadenza and Dre Island, above.


WizKid is a given, as the 27-year-old artist is every bit the hitmaker the industry needs. A singer-songwriter, he’s the first-ever Nigerian musician to have over a million followers on Twitter. Needless to say, we had our eye on him for years now—and his joint effort “Come Closer” featuring Drake only turned the pressure up. Watch above.

4 Enter Stormzy, the lyrical misfit. If you’re talking about the new generation of hip hop and Stormzy isn’t on your list, you’re wasting your breath. Simply put, the English grime rapper got bars and might even give some of your favorite vets a run for their money. Watch his video for “Big For Your Boots” above and disagree—we dare you.

5 THEY. need no introduction. L.A. natives Dante Jones and Drew Love are taking R&B by storm with nothing but infectious hits. The self-proclaimed leaders of the Nu Religion toured with Bryson Tiller last year as his opening act and most recently have fans bouncing to their single “U-RITE.” Get a dose of their style in the clip above, then meet us out in Philly for the real thing.

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