Ancient Hip Hop History: Nick Cannon Showed A Married Couple The Time Of Their Lives


Next time you see a celebrity in a restaurant and are debating whether or not to approach them, this story might help you decide. Jamal Jimoh saw first hand the magical moments stars can create in the lives of regular folks  when he grabbed dinner with Nick Cannon, and a man approached their table to ask for a favor.

“During our dinner a guy came by the table, was really nice and very respectful and told us he was celebrating with his wife,” Jimoh said. “He asked Nick if he could come over and wish her a happy birthday. Nick said, ‘No problem,’ went over to the couple’s table and the birthday cake happened to be coming out just at the time that he was getting there. So he stayed and sang happy birthday.”

Jimoh then recounted how later in the meal, his and Cannon’s waiter came by and told them how much it had meant to them that Cannon wished the woman a happy birthday. Well, Nick was in a generous mood that night and ended up giving the birthday girl and her husband a lot more than a cool photo op. See how he gave the couple something to talk about for years to come in the latest episode of Ancient Hip Hop History, above.