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Well, well, well. If it isn’t 45 proving his incompetence once again, this time blowing big bucks on anti-choice fake clinics (though he claims he plans on making a personal donation of $1 million to the victims of Hurricane Harvey).

A recent Rewire report reveals the Trump administration’s disgraceful spending habits, including the awarding of millions to harmful organizations that disseminate false and misleading information about sexual health.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration recently got rid of $213.6 million in grants for teen pregnancy prevention programs and research, and gave nearly $3.1 million to religiously affiliated organizations and “crisis pregnancy centers”—which are essentially fake clinics with anti-choice agendas that work to deter folks from obtaining abortions.

You ain’t slick, Donald.

“Missouri is already one of seven states rerouting millions in federal TANF dollars intended to alleviate hunger to these fake clinics,” Pamela Merritt, executive director of Reproaction—an organization working to “increase access to abortion and advance reproductive rights”—told Rewire. “The state’s best interests are not well served by Trump sending even more hard-earned tax dollars to a controversial anti-abortion fake clinic that systematically misleads and shames women seeking abortion care.”

Other organizations that received insane amounts of money include Trinity Church, Ambassadors for Christ Youth Ministries, and Elizabeth New Life Center in Ohio.

“Abstinence-only programs and crisis pregnancy centers commit a sin of omission when they deny real facts to students and families. Taxpayers do not want their money to go to anti-abortion groups that lie to women and girls,” NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio executive director Kellie Copeland told Rewire in a statement. “These funds are desperately needed in our communities, but they have to get to real health care organizations and groups that provide comprehensive sex education classes. Abstinence-only programs are not effective at delaying the initiation of sexual activity or in reducing teen pregnancy. They’re a harmful waste of taxpayer dollars. Period.”

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