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There’s much that goes into making an NBA All-Star— most of which we don’t see come game time. Years of thankless training, a team of single moms lifting up their budding champs, millions of die-hard fans, and the employees nationwide who keep stadiums running without a hitch.

Today, the NBA has launched it’s “I’m Why” series, as pat of this upcoming season’s This Is Why We Play series. We get a look at what inspires NBA stars on and the court. Whether it’s the super fans sharing how they’re ushering in the new season in “Tipping Off 2017,” or the story of a Golden State night staffer’s meticulous on-the-job tasks in “Golden State’s Homecourt Advantage,” the overarching theme is a relentless love of teamwork and camaraderie. And to celebrate 25 years of NBA games held in Mexico, the documentary style “I’m Why Mexico” gives us a glimpse of eager fans outside of the U.S. who are amped for the sport.

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Check out all three spots below, and meet us on the hardwood Oct. 17 on TNT, when the NBA 2017-2018 season officially begins!

“I’m Why”

“Golden State’s Homecourt Advantage”

“I’m Why Mexico 2017”