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Billy Joe Saunders Media Work Out

Source: Bryn Lennon / Getty

British boxer Billy Joe Saunders brought his kid to a pre-fight weigh-in, where he, at just seven years old, kicked Black American boxer Willie Monroe Jr. in the crotch and allegedly called him a n****r.

“It was a little cute kid, so I patted him on the head, like, ‘Thanks for being here,’” Monroe Jr. recounted in a Periscope video on Friday (September 15). “The kid stalls off, punches me in my nuts, then kicks me in my nuts. And then when he gets off stage he’s flipping me and my whole team the bird, saying, ‘Fuck you, you n****rs, you n****r wankers. Go back to America!’”

The roots of racism go way back, but there’s a certain kind of parent that perpetuates such disgusting behavior.

Take Saunders’ response to the situation, in which he claims the boy was acting in defense, as a shining example. “My son’s been taught when a stranger puts their hands on them they don’t know, punch and run away,” he tweeted on Friday. He then retweeted a photo in which his son was dubbed the “#FutureChamp.”

Which is a different song than the one he sang when English rubgy player Joe Marler called Samson Lee, who comes from a nomadic group, a “Gypsy boy” following England’s 25-21 win against Wales last year.

“I was a fan of rugby and now I probably won’t watch England play rugby anymore,” said Saunders. “Now other people might think twice about using the term in an offensive way. There is no room for any racism is [sic] sport; especially at the standard that he is playing.”

Is that so?

Meanwhile, Monroe Jr. wants to know the same thing we want to know: “Why does a little kid that has to be no older than five or six years old know to call me a n****r and telling me to go back to America? Because he’s being taught that way,” he continued during his Periscope broadcast.

The apple sure as hell didn’t fall far from the tree.