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Source: Randy Shropshire / Getty

In case you diverted your eyes away from social media for the past hour or two, let us break the news: Kylie Jenner is(reportedly) pregnant . And because several Kardashian-friendly sources are saying it’s true (E! News, TMZ, Us Weekly), and no KarJenner has tweeted or spoken out to deny  the situation, we’re going to go ahead and call it a fact.

On to the matter of who is the father. It stands to reason that Kylie’s baby daddy is her steady boyfriend of five months, Travis Scott. While Scott has not publicly confirmed the status of his girl’s uterus, some fans are convinced that the receipts are right there in his Twitter history. In particular, this tweet from mid-June, about two months after he and Kylie went public with their romance:

Now, two months might seem fast for a baby (not to mention, the young mogul is only twenty years old), but remember that the KarJenner’s make all kinds of life decisions in haste: Khloé‘s 30-day courtship with Lamar Odom, Kim‘s 72-day divorce are exhibits A and B. Kylie is basically right on time with this news.

We’re still going to hold on to a shred of denial until Kylie herself confirms her pregnancy, or a strategic bump pic hits the tabloids. Either way, this family loves nothing more than a great plotline — and this one should earn them at least another couple of seasons of Life of Kylie.