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San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies - Game Three

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Kanye West has a knack for saying whatever he wants whenever the mood hits him.

After all he told us that George Bush doesn’t care about Black people, how his life is dope and he does dope shit, and now we’ve spotted his favorite NBA players.

And it’s… Mike Conley? Yup.

During Monday’s NBA Media Day, the Memphis Grizzlies star told reporters of the weird way he found out that Yeezy is a fan. It started with a late night phone call that Conley got from a random number and the person on the other line just said “Yeah, this is Ye.”

After gathering his thought and figuring out it was Kanye West, ‘Ye expressed how much of a fan he is.

“‘I just want to let you know I admire you, I really like what you do, I hate to see that you’re underrated,’ I mean just going through all these things like he actually watches me play.”

And Kanye’s right; slowly but surely Conley is proving that he’s worth every penny of his $153-million contract.