CASSIUS travel series Lit City takes you to our favorite cities around the world for an insider’s guide to the hottest local spots. On this episode, we explore the many ways folks are gettin’ money in Atlanta, Georgia, home of creative entrepreneurs, huge names in music and, of course, celebrated HBCUs.

First up, our host, CASSIUS Entertainment Editor Cory Townes, heads to legendary chicken wing spot JR Crickets to meet up with Nick Love, VP of the Coalition DJ collective and well-respected Atlanta foodie, to discuss what makes the ATL music scene so profitable and influential.

Next, we explore the new money maker in town—the reality show business. We chat with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Todd Tucker, who doubles as an entrepreneur and restauranteur, to learn how being on the show lead to his latest venture, soul-food spot Old Lady Gang. Then we head to the other side of town to talk to Slick, one of the head producers on Love And Hip-Hop, as he explores just how to make it in “Black Hollywood.”

Another powerhouse industry in Atlanta is its dynamic haircare industry. Mya Sly, who grew her hair business by 700% after making one appearance on reality TV, took time out to teach Cory the rules of the game.

Finally, we hang with Ryan Wilson, creator of The Gathering Spot, a multi-faceted community club that brings the movers and shakers of the city under one roof. He chats about watching his town grow, and how professionals are shaping Atlanta to become one of the great business hubs of the world.

Watch the full episode of Lit City: Atlanta, above.