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Ladies, you may have noticed it’s the most wonderful time of year — No-Shave November.

This month, we get to see some of the most delicious men on the planet wolf out (again), and honestly, fellas, it’s exciting for us. Think Idris Elba. Chris Hemsworth. Omari Hardwick. Think … Tyler Lepley. Or, any of the other fine men women are constantly throwing themselves at, to no avail.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed to be able to grow full-on fuzz. Luckily for you, we’re here to assist. There’s an age-old myth that most grown folks have heard a time or two. Cunnilingus can help grow your facial hair, ancient rumors insist, but is it true? Kind of, since testosterone is the reported key to healthy face fuzz.

And, what increases testosterone in the tantalizing male temple? Sex. Also, the anticipation of sex. And lots of it.

“Pogonologists (those who study beards) all agree that Testosterone is the hormone primarily responsible for the growth of body hair in men. Increased levels of physical activity cause an increase in testosterone levels. This doesn’t mean you can just go for a run and come back with a full beard. It doesn’t work quite that easily,” reports. “But when your body produces more Testosterone, it is released throughout your body, including your hair follicles, which will get the message to work a little harder and grow faster. Studies show that there is a significant boost in Testosterone production after sexual activity. It has also been found that even the anticipation of sex can also increase your testosterone levels.”

“The rate at which your beard will grow in, as well as its fullness, is largely determined by genetics. Testosterone and DHT also play important roles,” Healthline notes. “Keeping yourself healthy through diet and exercise may help your beard be healthier, too. Getting enough sleep and maintaining good hygiene may also help.”

So, unfortunately, due to genetics, not everyone will be able to achieve such Godliness (shoutout to the smooth-faced zaddies, we love you as well). Others will achieve it without going down on their lady at all (we’re not saying any names, but … DJ Khaled).

Then, there are those of you who can see the promise of peach fuzz but need a little assistance… for those men reading this right now, it’s time to get to work. For tips on how to please your girl, click here, here, and here. You’ll thank us later. Plus, 10 beard oils that’ll transform your scruff because maintenance is key.

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