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If there’s one thing that we can wholeheartedly appreciate, it is a well curated music playlist. They just don’t come together on a whim, it takes more than just pooling a bunch of songs together for your friends or homies. You have to set a mood and ambiance for your set of records, know which songs flow into which, direct the pace of the playlist and everything. It’s legitimately a special skill, as you should not just hand over the aux cord to anyone.

Chris Brown’s newest album Heartbreak on a Full Moon has made its waves for new fans and diehard fans alike, but it did make the masses a bit apprehensive when it was revealed that the project would be a double-disc of 45 songs. Now, 45 songs for ONE album might be a tad excessive, but one blogger took it upon herself to do the work of the people and break down Breezy’s newest work.

Imani “Manito” Brown decided to listen to each song on the project and place them in four different mood-centered Spotify playlists: “Take You Down on a Full Moon” for those sultry, late night songs, “Sucka For Love on a Full Moon” for those trying to entrench themselves in #TheFeels, “No Love on a Full Moon” where Breezy discusses his heartbreaks and different levels of hurt, and finally “Thottin on a Full Moon,” in which it’s time to find the party and find it fast.

Each playlist is curated specifically to these moods and do an amazing job in allowing listeners to check out the extensive project at their own pace. So for that, we salute you, Imani. Keep shining out here. Be sure to check out Imani’s blog, HolaManitoand take a listen to her playlists below.

“Thotting on a Full Moon”


“Sucka For Love on a Full Moon”


“Take You Down on a Full Moon”


“No Love on a Full Moon”