Tyrese Announces His 4-Year Marriage Is Coming To An End On Instagram

Source: Paul Bruinooge / Getty

The “vision implementor” Tyrese and his wife Samantha are calling it quits.

The Fast & Furious star announced that his 4-year marriage was coming to an end on Instagram, saying that “After much thought, consideration, and prayer, we, unfortunately, have made the difficult decision to officially separate & divorce.”

He also pointed out that they will continue to be the “best of friends” and “strong co-parents” when it comes to raising their daughter Soraya who was born back in 2018.

In a follow-up post, Tyrese seemed to be leaving the door open, hoping for reconciliation. The “Sweet Lady” crooner shared a video of the couple celebrating their daughter’s first steps and, in the caption, pointed out that “Black families and marriages are under attack.” He also made sure to point out the divorce isn’t a stunt to help promote a new album.

“Pain got me back in the holy grail… [ the studio ] No there‚Äôs no album coming this was inspired by the love of my life Samantha…. Thank you for the years I hope you know that I did the very best I could… I truly did… #BetterDays”

“My heart is so full because you’ve blessed me with 5 years of magic…. Samantha Gibson, I owe you everything. I am a better man of God, friend, and father because of you… I pray we leave the door open because the God that we serve is a mountains mover and can make a way out of no way…..”

A strange way to announce you and your wife are getting a divorce, but this is the same man who was practically beefing with himself over the fact that the biggest star in the Fast & Furious franchise was getting his own spinoff. We hope that Tyrese and Samantha can work things out. If not, have a very cordial divorce process with no drama.

Photo: Paul Bruinooge / Getty