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Whether it’s for business, school, or pleasure, frequent travelers know how stressful the jet hopping process can be.

But every trip doesn’t have to begin and end with a headache. A few hefty splurges here and there can save you a lot of worry in the long run. Here are a few investments to consider that might actually be worth it in the long run.

Credit Card With Travel Miles

This one is to be expected — if you’re traveling a lot, you could be saving a lot of money by switching to one of these cards. You can trade your credit card points for frequent flier miles and sometimes even redeem them for hotel rooms.

TSA Pre-Check

Always running late for your flight? For a five-year $85 membership, TSA Pre-Check members can get through security without removing their shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, or jackets. Many TSA Pre-Check members report that they usually wait less than five minutes.

Portable Charger

One of the worst things that could happen on a flight is getting caught with low battery on a device you intended on using throughout your travels. Fix that by getting a power bank that you can plug your laptop, phone, tablet, or otherwise in. Many of these can charge your devices from two-five times over, depending on their battery.

Global Entry

Think of this one as the TSA Pre-Check for frequent international flyers — the program allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to skip the line and the paperwork. All members need to do is present their passport and fingerprints and complete a customs declaration. The kiosk issues the traveler a transaction receipt and they’re automatically directed to the baggage claim and exit. The one-time $100 fee is all that’s required for the application submission.


Another a no-brainer, but we’re not just talking about the first set of luggage you got on sale from your college days. If you’re traveling a lot for work or pleasure, it’s time to actually invest in a durable set that won’t lose it’s wheels or start fraying at the zipper in the first year.


Like TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry before it, CLEAR helps you speed through the ID check line at the airport. What makes them stand out is that instead of using your ticket, you simply scan your eye or thumbprint. While they’re currently only at 30 airports, they’re also used for entry at seven different sports arenas across the nation. Annual membership is $179 and kids under 18 can enroll for free.

Airline Club

Have one airline in particular that you show love to the most? Cop a membership to their elite status club in order to get special services while you wait in the airport. Many of these lounges offer complimentary amenities such as food, drinks, wifi, and even shower suites.