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Check out the bad, the more bad and bigly moments from this week in the Trump presidency:


Thursday, November 30

  • President Donald Trump retweeted three posts by an anti-Muslim British party leader with titles like “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!” and “Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death!”

Wednesday, November 29

  • A missile was launched by North Korea and  Trump’s only response was  “I will only tell you that we will take care of it.”

Tuesday, November 28

  • Not one for calling people by their given names—see “Rocket Man”—President Donald Trump referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” because she’s been a representative of Congress for so long. To make it even worse, he did it at a Navajo code talkers event.
  • Trump is scheduled to meet with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi today, but he tweeted earlier that he can’t possibly see the two sides agreeing on a deal that would prevent a government shutdown.


Monday, November 27

  • With President Trump’s ongoing dispute with LaVar Ball, the Baller father has decided to be the bigger man and send POTUS a pair of Big Baller Brand’s ZO2 sneakers so he can “calm down a little bit.” Welcome to 2017.
  • A hater of fake news, Trump called out CNN for its coverage of supposed faulty news and praised FOX News because “MUCH more important in the United States than CNN.” And wants CNN to receive a “fake news trophy” for its coverage.


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