DACA Protest

Source: Bill Clark / Getty

The clock is ticking down for those who benefit from the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DREAMers) as the December 8 deadline approaches.

There is a great deal of concern in both parties that the clash over the program’s fate will trigger a government shutdown, which hasn’t occurred since 2013 with the decision to continue Obamacare.

Many reps are holding out hope for a “clean DREAM Act,” alluding to the fact that the program as it stands does not have a pathway to citizenship. Many want Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to stand firm against the must-pass bill until leaders save the program.

“We want a clean DREAM Act,” said Rep. Luis GutiĆ©rrez “That is what it’s going to take for me and others to sign on.”

Celebrities took to Instagram to bring attention to the clean DREAM Act and particularly pressure Ivanka Trump. Celebs like Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne, and more posted to their Instagrams a uniform graphic asking her to advocate for the clean program.

There are several initiatives planned to save DACA recipients starting as early as this week. On December 6 and 7, the iMarch for Immigration will take place in Washington D.C., joined by organizations like the New American Economy, Voto Latino, Our America Initiative, and more. There will also be smaller iMarch events across the nation, from Connecticut to California.

“People are throwing everything at the wall because they see this as the moment,” said Jeremy Robbins, executive director of the Partnership for a New American Economy.

There will be a “war room” on the Dec. 6 inside the Capitol where Republican and Democratic supporters can conduct satellite interviews with national and local press. There will be video monitors of interactive maps with data from all 435 congressional districts and live feeds to coordinate rallies in dozens of major cities across the country.

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