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The holiday season is here and, if you’re lucky, mom isn’t the woman whose gift you’re pining over this year. You’ve got a bae, which means gift giving—at least hers—requires some thought. You want things to be sexy, but you also need your present to complement your girl’s personality, so you don’t seem like you’re just being a lust bucket. Luckily, there are a few staples guaranteed to hit the right spot, and I’m sharing some of my favorites. Begin your search by pairing a few, or all, of these simple and thoughtful gifts.


Silky Body Butter

Women love smell goods. Show your girl, and her skin, some love by gifting her a jar of all natural whipped mango butter from bodyessencebydionne.com. Not only does this stuff smell amazing, but it also has a long-lasting scent created from natural fragrances. The base of the butter is made from whipped mango and Shea. You can use the body butter to rub her body down before your play time and she can use it to moisturize her skin daily. Either way, she’ll think of you every time she lathers it on.

Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie isn’t only for your enjoyment. It can be used as a tool to assist her in building confidence and connecting with her sensuality. Whether she’s thin or thick, there are a variety of affordable underlings that you can find at insatiablelingerie.com. You can buy her a few pairs of thongs or crotchless panties (pair it would a vibrator or dildo). Purchase a teddy or chamise and wrap it up tight with a bow. Whatever style of lingerie you decide to gift her this holiday season, make sure it is in a size that complements her figure and screams, “playtime”.

High Vibes

Vibrators are a girl’s best friend. Grant her permission to pleasure herself and unlock her orgasmic potential by gifting her a rechargeable toy that’s easy to use, sexy and effective. The Womanizer 2 Go Massager is the latest on the market. The best part about the power behind this vibe is the puffs of air used to stimulate the clitoris. The clit becomes hard and erect and enables her to experience orgasms more easily. The Womanizer 2 Go Massager has 6 different modes, is waterproof, small enough to conceal in any travel bag and conveniently in the shape of a tube of lipstick. Check out that vibrator, and others, at  Adameve.com.

Divine Protection

Want to show her just how much you love her p**sy? Put her on to high-grade condoms from brands such as  mikerollingwood.com. These rubbers are 30% thinner than the average condom, which allows for more heat to transfer through the latex and heightens sensitivity. Mike Rollingwood condoms are made from high-grade latex that eliminates the typical “rubbery” smell low-grade condoms carry with them. And the brand uses premium water-based lubricant to cover the condoms that won’t irritate her vagina or throw off its pH. Gift her (and yourself) the gift that keeps on giving and get $3.50 off your order at Mikerollingwood.com by using the code GLAMAZON69.

Glamazon Tyomi is Cassius’ resident sexpert and a certified pro. Watch her put in work here.