Purity 'Non Burning' Vodka

Source: Courtesy of Purity / Courtesy of Purity

Released today, Purity Vodka, an award-winning, premium Swedish Vodka brand is now available in the U.S. market. For the past year, Purity Vodka has built a name quietly the name for it dominating the 2017 world’s blind tasting competitions and being named the”Best Vodka in the World 2017″ by The International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Created by world-renowned Master Blender, Thomas Kuuttanen, Purity Vodka has completely redefined and elevated the vodka spirits category. An unprecedented 34 times distillation process with premium organic ingredients and utilization creates a smooth, non-burning tasting vodka. Made from organic winter wheat and barley, Purity Vodka begins in a journey in a handcrafted copper and gold still, which is never rushed to ensure quality. The 34 distillations process helps elevate the spirits and results in a superb taste.

After taking home over 150 international awards, being both organic and gluten free, Purity Vodka is sure to be a game changer in 2018.  Purity Vodka can now be found at select retailers nationwide for $29.99. For more information and to find the nearest retail location near you, check out PurityVodka.com.