Need a no-fuss, affordable solution for great skin? Oars + Alps– a new men’s grooming line free from toxins, heavy markups and complicated application steps— just might be the answer.


Founders Laura Lisowski Cox and Mia Saini Duchnowski developed the line after being frustrated with their inability to find affordable, all-natural yet effective products to suit their husbands’ active lifestyles. The Chicago-based duo teamed up with a leading chemist from Kiehl’s to ensure quality and effectiveness in their multi-product line.

The perfect regimen for active men, the line’s hero ingredient, Alpine Caribou Moss is sourced from Northern Finland. The collection features a potent and effective phytonutrient profile that is rich in antioxidants. It also includes a unique polyphenolic compound that improves the skin’s appearance without the use of harsh chemicals.

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The full Oars + Alps skincare collection is affordably priced between $14-18 per product, or $40 for the full face kit at