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T.I. is pushing for diversity training at Houston’s Restaurant after several racist incidents involving African-American customers in Atlanta, TMZ reported.

Tip took a stand over alleged discrimination when he led a large protest against the restaurant chain in the Buckhead area of Atlanta last October. The protest was ignited by Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Debra Antney and Momma Dee, who said their party of seven was denied seating at Houston’s.

T.I. started a boycott against Houston’s, but had recently ended it after starting negotiations with the chain to improve experiences for customers of color. Diversity training will be used as a tool to put a stop to racism at the restaurant.

Houston’s executives sat down with T.I. to talk about the numerous issues. The officials have been accommodating, listening to the rapper’s suggestions. They are also reportedly open to policy changes. And get this: they want T.I. to work with them on a permanent basis. We doubt that the rapper may have much time to work with Houston’s as more than a consultant, but who really knows what may happen?

T.I’s diversity push comes as several restaurants have been the scenes of racist encounters. A preschooler was spit on and referred to as the N-Word by a firefighter in a Hooters restaurant in Overland Park, Kans. last week. The first responder may face charges for battery and making a criminal threat, according to KCTV5. The restaurant has also been slammed on social media over the upsetting incident.

A racial profiling incident involving two Black women at Applebee’s also caused major controversy in Independence, Miss. last month.


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