Here Is Why People Believe LeBron James Is Taking A Shot At Ben Simmons

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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James took to Twitter to sound off on off-season workouts. He didn’t bite his tongue when it comes to his fellow NBA brethren doing this one particular thing that “annoys” him a tad.

If anyone knows a thing or two about keeping your body in peak physical condition and your game on point during the offseason, it’s LeBron James. Heading into his astounding 19th season in the league, James always manages to keep his body in peak physical condition, and his game never seems to be on the decline. Last season was a bit of an exception, with the durable superstar suffering rare injuries that kept him off the court, but he still managed to tough out the season.

While he spends millions of dollars to ensure that he is ready for the NBA season, unlike other NBA stars, he doesn’t share videos of himself in gyms hooping with regular cats or practicing drills working on news moves. Friday (Sep.17), James took to Twitter to share his opinion on players working on new techniques that they never use in the game.

“Why do so many ball players work on stuff they are never going to use in the game?? Seriously question. Annoys me a tad,” the NBA champion wrote.

He does have a point. While he didn’t name any players, in particular, many people were quick to point to Ben Simmons. The disgruntled Sixers point guard can be seen in videos working on his 3-point shot that he is incredibly hesitant to utilize in a game situation.

It will be interesting to see if other players react to James’ tweet, but he does make a fair point. What is the point of sharing those videos if you’re not planning on using anything you practiced in a game?

At least James Harden uses that crazy-looking one-legged shot.

Check out how Twitter is reacting in the gallery below:

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