Filip Pagowski NBA T-Shirts

Source: Courtesy of Nike / Courtesy of Nike

Nike tapped Polish artist Filip Pagowski to remix all 30 NBA team motifs in his own unique style. In taking on the hefty feat, the illustrator pulled inspo from team names, mascots, and the cities they rep to fuel each design.

“The idea behind the project was not to replicate the original or the official logos of each team, but rather come up with something that portrayed the team or the place they are coming from, or both, and to have it done in some fun way,” explains Pagowski.

Known for his work with major fashion houses and newspapers, each design honors the history of a given franchise and the facts related to the source of their nicknames. The new logos appear on a selection of T-shirts available now on the Nike App. Check out the complete lineup below.

Filip Pagowski NBA T-Shirts
Filip Pagowski NBA T-Shirts
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