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Picture it. You’re finally home after an intense workout at the gym and just as you step out of the shower your girl texts, “I’m outside.” A few moments later, you’re eye-to-eye and she’s looking like a whole snack. There’s just one issue. That small pimple on her cheek lets you know that she’s probably on day two or three of her period. Instead of asking, you assume she’s just not into you, or more apropos, “it.”

Thing is, you’re probably wrong. Many women experience intense sexual arousal during their menstrual cycles, particularly during the second half, and you’ll probably never know. Why? There’s a big ole stigma on period sex, which means the topic doesn’t even come up until much later in many relationships. Let’s keep it real: period sex can be a bit messy. But, like anything in life, the more you practice the much smoother it becomes. Interested in taking a test drive? Here’s all you have to do.


1 Go With The Flow

If you can’t get over the idea of blood coming out of a vagina, think about what the blood can do for you. It’s the perfect lubricant. Think of it as your biggest ally to achieving the greatest nut of your life. Ensure that your partner freshens up before you get the party started, and know that any new blood will be mixed with her natural juices, making the ride even sweeter for you.


2 Wrap It Up

We’re not just talking about your penis. Find a cover, sheet or towel that will be your go-to during period sex to protect your bedding, rug or couch—but that’s not its only purpose. The cover-up can also be a bit of a playful cue— whenever it’s laid out you and your partner will know “it’s about to go down.” This increases the libido and makes getting into the mood much easier. You’ll also have less to worry about when it comes to clean-up time and you’ll be able to use that focus towards putting it down.


3 Hit the Fantasy Button

Many people believe that period sex should solely happen in the shower to reduce any clean-up. Don’t limit your playground. It’s a great time to try out new, kinky ideas you may have been too polite to share. If you’re getting it in, go all the way. Now’s the time to say you want to try a little anal, S&M or introduce toys to the game. The goal is for both of you to cum as hard, and as many times, as possible. Put points on the board.

Tracey Onyenacho is a freelancer for CASSIUS.