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Kanye West may have turned a lot of his friends into rivals with his recent appearance on Drink Champs podcast, but one party took the rapper to court over his “untrue or misleading statements” and won: the county district attorney’s office of Los Angeles. Yeezy Apparel will have to cough up $950,000 for making false statements about when his products would ship but charging customers for expedited shipping anyway.

“Online consumers are entitled to protection against unwarranted fees and unreasonably long waits for purchases to arrive on their doorsteps,” District Attorney George Gascón said regarding the agreement. “We will enforce state and federal laws governing online shopping in Los Angeles County.” Alameda, Sonoma, and Napa counties were also part of the suit against Ye’s company as well.

Yeezy Apparel LLC and Yeezy LLC are based in La Palma, California, where state law says goods ordered over the web must be fulfilled within 30 days, and that timeframe is a federal statute as well. If there happens to be a delay for some reason, however, then the vendor is required to replace that item with something of equal or greater value. Should that not be a possible option either, then the vendor must provide a written explanation of why the items are delayed and offer the customers the right to a refund.
According to the information given by the LA District Attorney’s office, the breakdown of the $950,000 settlement is as follows:
  • $200,000 in civil penalties to each of the four DA offices involved in the case (totaling $800,000)
  • $50,000 in restitution to the Consumer Protection Prosecution Trust Fund
  • $25,000 in investigative costs to each of the four DA offices involved for fees (totaling $100,000).

Neither Ye nor David Schindler, Ye’s lawyer, have made any comment about the case. This isn’t the first time that the LA District Attorney has successfully sued a clothing company for making false shipping claims, though. Two years ago, popular retailer Fashion Nova paid $1.75 million for failing to follow the 30-day rule, too.