Houston Hosts Thousands Of Katrina Victims

Source: David Portnoy / Getty

In the words of one Kanye West, “LISTEN TO THE KIDS, BRO!”

In an interview with 97.9 The BEAT on the Veda Loca in the Morning show, 11-year-old Texas native Jaxson Turner-Sazy discussed his plan to do great things for the Easter season.

For his February 15 birthday, Jaxson told his mom he didn’t want any birthday gifts, parties, or sleepovers with his friends. He told his mom he wanted to help feed the homeless. Not just chips and sandwiches either — an entire hot meal.

“I didn’t understand the magnitude of what he was saying until he told me, ‘I won’t accept any presents, I just want everyone to help me feed the homeless,'” Turner said on the show. “I told him we’d have to use the community if we want to help feed a lot of people.”

While the original estimate that Jaxon wanted to raise for his project was $5,000 but they exceeded it with $12,000, a testament to how the power of intention and compassion can truly influence people who need it the most. Jaxon and his mother have found a local restaurant to provide the meals.

“There is so much negativity going on and I would like to focus on positivity and making a happy impact on others for this Easter holiday,” wrote his mother, LaKeicee Turner, the Go Fund Me page they started together after Jaxon’s request.

Jaxson has already decided what his next project is going to be: “I’m hoping to collect clothes for the battered women and children’s shelter.”He’s also already thinking about doing the same project for his birthday next year as well.

With the compassion that he is capable of already, Jaxson’s already shaping up to be the type of person we need to give us hope in the future — especially considering what he wants to be when he grows up: President of the United States.

You can watch the video interview down below: