Dustin is back with more grown man shit, but this time he’s been reincarnated as the scent gawd.

First things first— don’t get knock off scents because you don’t wanna spend some extra bread. You wouldn’t want your girlfriend faking in the bed so don’t fake when it comes to copping some new colognes. Dustin is proud to show off a few of his favorites, with the first being Boss by Hugo Boss. Presentation is everything and the all black bottle means business. It’s a boss ass scent that enters the boardroom before you do and will make any no immediately become a yes.

Next is Gucci Guilty, which ironically will get you out of any situation you’re in— even if you’re caught red-handed. With one spray you’re free and automatically absolved of any wrongdoing. It’s just that simple, you just need to step your cologne game all the way up and be prepared to pay top dollar.

As Dustin puts it, “The way you smell has a lot to do with the success of the lies you tell.” And that is just some grown man shit.

Oh, and the third scent that you should definitely add to your rotation is Bottega Veneta’s The Knot. We could explain what this cologne is perfect for, but its way more entertaining to just watch Dustin wax poetic about balloon knots.

Grown Man Shit Cologne

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video