Lexus’ #0To60, Episode Two: The Stars Get Behind the Wheel for the First Time


With episode 1 of Lexus’ #0To60 Challenge in the books, the show’s stars already know the score and the stakes—but who will emerge victorious is anybody’s guess.

In the second chapter of the high-octane driving challenge, the two teams compete in Autocross, where two drivers from each team take on the twisting and turning race course. Redaric Williams (BET’s The Quad) and Lamman Rucker (OWN’s Greenleaf) are chosen to represent Team Pruett, while Olympian Carmelita Jeter and actor Keith Robinson are pegged to compete for Team Hawksworth. Jeter gives her squad a huge head start thanks to her masterful driving, but can Rucker catch up? Given the fact that all four competitors are new to the track and the car, it is an impressive display.

With quite a bit of driving left for all of the celebrity racers, this thing is far from over. Maybe a true contender for the prize — a year lease on a brand-new Lexus — will reveal themselves in the next chapter of Lexus’ #0To60 Challenge. Check out episode 2, above.

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