Lexus’ #0To60, Episode Four: Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite…


It’s not getting any easier for the celebrities taking part in Lexus’ #0To60 Challenge! After two rounds, Team Pruett and Team Hawksworth found themselves in a dead heat. It was almost as close in the individual scores with three stars tied for the lead with 20 points, and the remaining three tied for second with ten points. In episode four’s Slide & Slalom challenge, however, it seems clear that a favorite is going to be revealed.

In heat one, J.D. Williams was up against racecar driver Tia Norfleet, having to gain ground after a slow start on the course. In the second heat, Lamman Rucker had a lot of ground to cover after struggling out of the gate. But one team managed to grab the first outright win of the competition, with a 26-22 lead by the end of the challenge and a favorite revealed.

Things are starting to crystalize for both the drivers and their teams. Keep up with the action with the latest episode of Lexus’ #0To60 Challenge, above.

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