Lexus’ #0To60, Episode Five: ‘A Stunning Defeat Leads to a Wide-Open Competition’


Entering episode five of Lexus’ #0To60 Challenge, both a team and an individual driver managed to separate themselves from the pack. With J.D. Williams leading the competition by 10 points, and Team Hawksworth leading Team Pruett, 26 to 22, things were really starting to ramp up.

With all that heat, there’s gotta be fire, and this time it’s from the burning rubber in the fourth challenge of the competition: the High-Speed Sprint Challenge. In the first group, it was ladies first as Tia Norfleet faced off against Carmelita Jeter. In the second heat, Redaric Williams took on J.D. to try to unseat the current leader. After a solid run by Redaric, J.D. got a chance to give his team a much-needed win.

The individual leaderboard is as close as can be. With just one more individual competition left, there is a whole lot of pride — and, of course, the free Lexus for a year — still on the table.

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