Lexus’ #0To60, Episode Three: A Gut-Check, And Then A Sprint To The Finish Line


In the previous episode of Lexus’ #0To60 Challenge, the celebrity drivers were asked to participate in a competition of tight twists and turns. Now, they’ll have to prove that they feel the need for speed. In Episode 3, J.D. Williams (Saints & Sinners, The Wire) and pro driver Tia Norfleet get their first chance behind the wheel with Olympian Carmelita Jeter and Redaric Williams (BET’s The Quad) getting a second pass at the track.

Driving well over 100 mph, the drivers are joined by track experts as they navigated portions of Atlanta’s famous Road Atlanta racetrack. J.D. gives Norfleet a run for her money in the first heat of the competition, while Redaric aims to give his team a boost in the second heat against Carmelita.

Now that one more challenge is in the books, both teams are still neck and neck. With episode four just around the next turn, this thing is really starting to heat up. Don’t miss a second of the action on Lexus’ #0To60 Challenge, above.

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