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Nobody ever really wants to be under house arrest. But if you’re going to be confined to your home for any amount of time, you’re on the right side of financial privilege if you’re doing your time in a multimillion-dollar mansion.

Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, is currently living that incarcerated dream.

According to TMZ, a federal judge sentenced Petty to one year of home detention, three years of probation, and a $55,000 fine for failing to register as a sex offender in California.

Federal prosecutors are likely unhappy with the ruling as they didn’t like the idea of Petty spending his sentence sitting around his home because his home is a big-a** mansion that comes with all the lavish amenities of a big-a** mansion. Instead, they wanted Petty to serve 15 months behind bars and five years of probation. So, not only is he getting less time all around, but he’ll be doing that time in a mansion in a gated Calabasas community.

“The timing of defendant’s lapse in registration is concerning, given that it occurred when the defendant began dating his wife, quit his job, moved to Los Angeles, and adopted an affluent lifestyle,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing.

“The defendant has been completing sex offender registration documents for nearly 20 years,” they continued. “Over the course of two decades, he was repeatedly warned that if he moved to another state, it was his responsibility to follow any local, city, state, federal, or international laws regarding registration.”

For those who don’t know, Petty was convicted in NYC of attempting to rape a 16-year-old girl in 1995, when he was around the same age. He served four years in prison for the offense. At 44 years old, his past crime is still haunting him, but hey, most convicted sex offenders aren’t serving a sentence in the lap of luxury.