The 60th Annual Grammy Awards

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Cardi B Wants to Have a Ménage À Trois with Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna.

Can you blame her? On “She Bad” from her recently released debut, Invasion of Privacy Cardi spits: “I need Chrissy Teigen / I know a bad bitch when I see one / Tell Rih Rih I need a threesome.” Naturally, Twitter lost its sh*t, including Teigen herself, who gasped and “dropped her biscuits” upon hearing the news on Friday morning. No response from Rihanna yet, but we’re sure it will be a good one.

NYC Is Home to the First Gender-Free Clothing Store.

Meet the Phluid Project, one of the world’s first gender-free stores, designed to provide a first-hand look at what shopping beyond the “men’s” and “women’s” sections of your favorite clothing stores could look like. Located near SoHo in New York City, Phluid wants you to know that its store is “a welcoming, inclusive, diverse, and safe space” and that “intolerance will not be tolerated.”

“I was a young, creative kid who wasn’t able to be his honest and authentic self,” Rob Smith, the founder of the Phluid Project, told Mic. “So in a way, I’m creating a space for young people to be their authentic selves and to be unashamed if they want to try on makeup, if they want to try on clothes. It’s a space you can try things on and not feel ashamed in any way.”

Even their mannequins are gender-free. Read more here.

Cam Newton Was in Another Car Accident, But He’s Okay.

According to TMZ, the Panthers quarterback was involved in a car accident with a dump truck in Atlanta on Thursday. The good news is he didn’t sustain any injuries. As TMZ writes, “Newton appeared to be okay after the incident. In fact, he was seen walking the car around in his shorts and one of his funky hats.” No word on the condition of his matte black Ferrari F12, however.

Jordan Peele Was Tapped for a Lorena Bobbitt Docuseries.

Are you ready for a docuseries about Lorena Bobbitt produced by Jordan Peele? If you’re not familiar, Lorena Bobbitt is the woman who sliced off her husband’s, er, member, back in 1993. The four-part series will be directed by documentarian Joshua Rofé and does not yet have a release date. Per Variety, “it will attempt to move past the tabloid sensation that colored the story when it first unfolded and instead unpack the effects of domestic abuse and the way media coverage of Lorena Bobbitt shaped her public identity.”

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