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Aries Spears Performs At The Stress Factory Comedy Club

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Aries Spears is finally speaking on the newly filed molestation lawsuit against him and Tiffany Haddish.

Spears hopped on his Spears & Steinberg podcast –which he shares with fellow comedian Andy Steinberg– to briefly speak on the situation even though he can’t go into detail for legal reasons.

“Listen, obviously for legal reasons, I really can’t talk about anything at this time,” the 47-year-old stand-up comic said in a preview of the podcast’s latest episode posted on Instagram. “But I just, more or less, want to say to all the loyal listeners, thank you guys for your support and for your love. Listen, this is an extortion case, this is a shakedown. We won’t be shaken down.”

His explanation comes after last week’s bombshell exposé about Spears and Haddish that accused them both of child sexual abuse for a video published on Funny Or Die.

It all began when Haddish and the plaintiffs’ mother were both going through divorces which led to them bonding and growing a friendship. The families became close and led to the woman’s 14-year-old daughter reading for a role with Haddish while Spears was present.

However, the role got weird after Haddish asked the young lady to watch a video of someone eating, with the lawsuit stating the person in the video could be seen “moaning and making sexual noises as they both ate the sandwich in a manner that simulated the act of fellatio.” The 14-year-old, known as Jane Doe, was paid $100 to mimic the noises the person in the video made.

Things got even worse the following year when the teen’s 7-year-old brother was commissioned to feature in a video at Spears’ home, where he was allegedly in his underwear for much of its duration. The skit was called  Through a Pedophile’s Eyes and throughout the video, Spears is said to have leered at the boy through a newspaper in one scene and sprayed him with baby oil in another.

Haddish’s team broke her silence on the allegations a few days ago with her lawyer deeming them all “bogus claims.”