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Brooklyn Nets Media Day

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As expected, Kevin Durant had one of the most interesting interviews at NBA Media Day.

He’s now stuck with the Brooklyn Nets for the foreseeable future, and the media decided to ask him the real reason why he decided to request a trade during the offseason.

It was only then that Durant admitted that he’s getting older and would like some stability in a championship-level team as soon as possible. Last year’s drama surely didn’t see the team heading in the right direction.

“It was a lot of uncertainty around our team last year. I committed to this organization for four years last summer with the idea that we were gonna be playing with that group that we kinda went on that little round, went to the second round with. I felt like another year of that, us being healthy, we were building something towards the future. So then, as the season went on, you seen what happened with our season. Guys, in and out of the lineup, injuries, just a lot of uncertainty which filled some doubt in my mind about the next four years of my career,” Durant explained. “I mean, I’m getting older; I want to be in a place that’s stable and try to build a championship culture, so I had some doubts about that. I voiced them to Joe (Tsai) and we move forward from there.”

Durant obviously bought into the team’s mentality ahead of the 2022-23 season as part of the four-year, $198 million contract extension contract he signed last summer.

That’s a big chunk of change, but Durant isn’t surprised at the nine-digit check because he knows just how talented he is.

“No. I know I’m that good that you’re just not going to just give me away. That’s one thing I did appreciate about Sean and Joe, that’s like, ‘You’re too great for us to give you away. Just that easy, that simple.’ So I understand that, I know who I am,” he continued.

We’ll see just how stacked the Nets are when the season starts on October 20 in their first game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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