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Kanye West‘s trolling has managed to hit even higher levels of awkwardness. The Chicago rapper will reportedly be putting a photo of his late mother’s plastic surgeon on his album cover. 

Of course, Yeezy shared his intentions via Twitter. Ye posted a text exchange with someone named “Wes,” which could beDJ-producer Wesley Pentz or Sheck Wes, a recent GOOD Music signee. In the posted screenshot there’s a mugshot-like photo of Jan Adams. Adam is the controversial plastic surgeon who performed breast reduction surgery on West’s mother the day before she died in 2007.

“This is my album cover,” West wrote in the text.”This is plastic surgeon Jan Adams. The person who performed my moms final surgery.”

Akin to numerous other tweets, West said he, “wants to forgive and stop hating.” After going back and forth about possible album titles, Wes suggested “LOVE EVERYONE” and Ye was feeling it.

West may have just revealed what the title of his forthcoming album is to the Twittersphere as we all wait to see if his bars will justify his twitter rants as of late.