We Tried It: Magic Hue Bluetooth Lightbulbs


On the latest episode of We Tried It, Cory and Sherrod are doing their best to… set the mood?

It appears so. Technology is taking over our home appliances—including our lightbulbs—so on this episode of We Tried It, they gave the Magic Hue Bluetooth Lightbulb a spin. Initially, Cory thinks he has more mood-setting experience since he’s 10 years older than Sherrod. Little does he know, Sherrod has (allegedly) been putting in work with his puppet girlfriends. Cory has been going all in with sandalwood candles and plants on his dresser to create a vibe, and like a typical 21-year-old, Sherrod is already ahead of the curve and has Bluetooth lightbulbs all around his crib…

…though the last time we checked Sherrod was still living with his parents, but we digress.

The duo screw in the lightbulb, download the app, and vibes are ready to be set. You can change the lightbulb to whatever color you want. In this case, Cory and Sherrod decide to argue under a dimly blue light. Cory thinks you need an oil diffuser to set things off, while Sherrod is more concerned about having the right YouTube playlist queued up. You can even control the lights with music, and while Sherrod was ready to play some Johnny Gill to get the lights to pop off, you know how clearance rights can be.

The consensus: the duo digs the lights, and at just $20 each, your whole house can flourish.

Oh, and we’ll let you experience Sherrod’s *sexy* voice for yourself. We had to sit through it and so do you.

We Tried It Bluetooth Lightbulbs

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video