CasBar: Ro James Talks Crazy Studio Stories & New Music Over A Heated ‘Tekken 7’ Battle


On this episode of CasBar, we literally kick some ass. Instead of playing 2K18 without updated rosters, we hop on the PlayStation 4 to play a few rounds of Tekken 7, against R&B singer Ro James. Sebastien is repping for CASSIUS this time around, but let’s go over the rules first:

  1. If Team CASSIUS wins, James will have to answer any crazy question we ask. If James wins, he gets to plug whatever he wants for 15 seconds.
  2. To make things fair,  for each round, both players are allowed to change their characters.
  3. And most importantly, Team CASSIUS better not get its ass kicked.

James isn’t a huge Tekken ‘head, so Sebastien helps him out and tells him to pick a fire opponent. Sebastien still wins round one with ease. So, we ask him about the craziest thing he’s ever done, and he tells us about the time he got “blessed” while recording a song. Sebastien’s skills wear off a bit in the second match, and he takes an L which gives James a chance to plug his tour with BJ The Chicago Kid and to tell everyone to stream his Smoke EP. His Mirrors EP will be released sometime in June.

Elsewhere, James speaks about how hard it is to live up to fans’ expectations when it comes to making a sophomore album.

“Your sophomore album is very sensitive, and you want to keep your artistic integrity but at the same time grow yourself. It’s like a hazy period where you’re trying new sounds,” James says.

The two face off once more, but you’ll have to watch the interview up top to see who wins the best of three.

CasBar Ro James

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video

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