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Although Dr. Dre can trademark his name and prevent people from using it for their own personal gain, he can’t trademark the similar sound that other names may have to his.

 TMZ reported that the hip-hop icon lost a years-long trademark battle with an OB/GYN and media personality who goes by Dr. Drai (see the similarity?) in which Dr. Dre stated that both men having similar sounding names would cause “confusion in the market place.”

While the gyno was born Draion M. Burch, he’s been going by Dr. Drai for years and wrote a book, 20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina (just 20?!), under that moniker. On the low, that does sound like the title of a mixtape Dr. Dre would’ve dropped back in the early 00’s.

But at the end of the day, the trademark office sided with the man practicing medicine, stating that though their names sound alike, it’s a reach to think that people would confuse a world-famous hip-hop mogul with a doctor who wrote a book that DJ Khaled would have no interest in reading.

The only thing surprising about this is that it took three years to draw that conclusion. It’s not that complicated, man.