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FX is coming out with a hitter to follow up the network’s much-loved show, Sons of Anarchy. The drama series ended in 2014, and now FX is set to deliver the spin-off called Mayans MC— which we finally have a sneak peek of with the new teaser.

As the titular motorcycle gang rides through a field of roses, dying as they pass by, the Spanish version of Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” plays in the background. We don’t see any dialogue or plot details yet, but here’s what we already know.

The show is slated to premiere in Fall 2018 with a 10-episode first season, picking up after the events of Sons of Anarchy, centering on a charter of a club that was equal parts a rival and ally to SAMCRO at different points of the series. The story follows a new character named EZ Reyes (JD Pardo,) a Mayan MC prospect in the charter whose turf straddles the border of Mexico and California. Over the season the audience will see how he adjusts from hometown hero to hotshot outlaw. When he gets out of prison, he’ll work to climb the ranks of the Mayan MC as he tries to deal with his father, “a Mexican OG…trying to walk the straight and narrow.”

The cast also includes big names such as Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Clayton Cardenas, Richard Cabral, Michael Irby, Raoul Trujillo, Antonio Jaramillo, and Carla Baratta. Cuban showrunner Norberto Barba is at the helm of the show, unlike Sons of Anarchy, which was run by Kurt Sutter.

It’s been a year to see the series make it to this point, and we’re glad to see some more Latinx representation in the SoA world. We can’t wait until the fall to watch the series on FX, but in the meantime, you can watch the teaser above.