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Steak, ribs, Lo Mein, burritos, falafel… the American lexicon of food is vast and unwieldy. But then there’s baby food: simple, quick, appalling. But not for the Smiths. For them, it is a treat. Sure, it’s mushy and when you think of it all you can imagine is what it looks like coming up, a newborn gurgling it through stifled sounds like a Miley Cyrus tune. But this is Will and Jaden Smith we’re talking about, and if anyone’s going to make a choice to eat baby food cool it’ll be them.

Jaden has his “Just Water” company, which gives you the portability of plastic water bottles without the inevitably tossed away detritus ruining the planet. He’s got a song that’s racked up 72 million views on YouTube. And his favorite flavor of baby food is apple cinnamon. And the ability to say that super casually rose out of him in conversation with Pork Chop on Baltimore’s 92Q Jams.

One moment, he’s talking about apple cinnamon infused Just Water, and the next he’s saying, “I just love baby food.” And if there is a record stop moment in this clip, it would be that one. Pork Chop looks at him the way I would look at him and asks, “When was the last time you had baby food?” Jaden, steely-eyed and blond says, “Two or three days ago.”

Of course, theirs a reason. He got it from his father, Will. The guy who saved us from Aliens in that flick with Jeff Goldblum. That guy is “obsessed” with baby food, Jaden would have you know. Pork Chop, staggered now at the bizarre implications of this conversation asks him, without irony, “Where were you born?” Jaden, a smirk crossing his lips, says, “L.A.” as if he didn’t know what he meant.

What he meant was what planet are you from, Jaden? And, how can I be down? Peep the clip for the full conversation below.