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Source: Craig Barritt / Getty

Fans are obsessed with getting their favorite artist’s autographs.

Whether to proudly display it at their home or sell it for astronomical amounts on eBay, people are willing to stand for hours waiting for stars to emerge from random buildings. One fan saw Jay-Z leaving his NYC offices Tuesday night, Dec. 13, among others who hounded the Brooklyn-born billionaire for his signature on everything, including Brooklyn Nets jerseys with the name Carter stitched on the back.

Others had some of Hov’s iconic albums on vinyl on display for him to autograph, like The Blueprint, The Black Album and In My Lifetime. Vol.1.

The rapper obliged and scribbled his name at everything placed in his line of sight until the very last person, who presented him with an unknown album cover that featured a picture of him with a Yankee brim tilted to the side. Hov immediately knew it wasn’t an official album and decided not to sign it.

“That one ain’t even real,” Jay-Z said before pulling his hand back and commencing the impromptu autograph session.

The album in question appeared to be The Black Album Revisited, a 2018 version of the original album with the same lyrics but different beats composed by producer Big Ghost.

Hov’s not afraid to turn down an overzealous fan that wants an autograph if he disagrees with what he’s being asked to sign. Just last year, when Hov was leaving the Roc Nation office, he was swarmed by fans and asked to sign a baseball.

Jay-Z looked a bit confused at the request and shook his head before saying, “I don’t play baseball.”