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Jazmina Saavvedra is currently running to represent south Los Angeles and the city’s harbor district in the House of Representatives — but she is also a Trump supporter and a transphobe.

On Tuesday, she went on Facebook live, burst into the women’s bathroom at her local Denny’s and started yelling at an unidentified trans woman.

A man described in the video as the Denny’s manager is inside the women’s restroom, standing outside the stall where the trans woman is. Saavedra yells at the woman asking why she’s using the women’s restroom and she responds that she is invading her privacy.

“So that guy violated my right to use the ladies’ room here,” she said into the video camera. “He’s saying he’s a lady. Stupid guy. I’m going to wait for him to get out of the restroom.”

When The Advocate contacted Saavedra to follow up on her reaction, she responded that she was afraid of being inside the bathroom with a man.

“[Harassing the trans woman] has nothing to do with the LGBT agenda, he’s a man, simple as that, we were afraid to be in the bathroom,” said Saavedra. “I don’t even know if he was a transgender; he was a man talking with a man’s voice, it was a man. I was in danger, everyone was in danger. This is a family values issue. We put our little girls in danger, this is not safe for our families.”

Saavedra isn’t only xenophobic towards trans people. She’s a Nicaraguan immigrant, but her campaign website said that California has passed laws that “help aliens who have no legal right to be in our country.” She’s also pro-life and supports the Second Amendment. Moral of the story? Californians, don’t check for Saavedra at the polls this year — not all skinfolk are kinfolk.