Cory and Sherrod don’t have the best track record when it comes to burgers, but they decided to not let that hold them back. But before we get to feasting, the boys have a few announcements to make, Cory cut the dreads and Sherrod is dressed like DJ Khaled, Jordan sweatsuit with match sneakers and all. In fact, he may have raided Asahd’s closet since they wear the same size. Don’t tell Sherrod that, though. He’s been pretty sensitive lately about his height and lack of facial hair.

But on to more important things, this time the duo are trying Bareburger’s impossible burger, which is meatless and a pretty popular vegetarian option. But the thing is, it looks, tastes and even cooks just like real meat.

Hell, even Desiigner likes it. Yes, that Desiigner, who came through to put us on to his new album, L.O.D. (an acronym for Life of Desiigner) and stare in amazement because the burger really does taste like beef. It even has his favorite condiment, called “DRAAHHHH sauce.”

Sherrod doesn’t have a digestive system so he spends the episode waxing poetic about brioche buns and trying to get a bite of Desiigner’s burger, who is clearly not with the shits. There was no need to destroy the burgers or toss them in the blender because the crew pretty much inhaled them as soon as the wrappers were peeled off.

In advance, we apologize for making you hungry AF— but at least you know what your cheat meal with be this week.

We Tried it Bareburger

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video