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Expressions of “masculinity” don’t exist as a monolith—it’s an idea that shapeshifts as it moves across race, cultures, and country lines. A new show aims to reflect those differences.

Complex collaborated with Adaptive Studios, an Emmy-winning entertainment studio creating premium content for digital and traditional platforms, on their first scripted web series, Grown, follows two first generation Haitian-American cousins, Josh and Wes. After his mom dies, Josh, a wannabe social media influencer, moves in with his promiscuous, problematic cousin Wes in downtown Miami. Wes is an aspiring actor, but he has a tendency to let the women in his life get in the way of his success. As Josh grieves the loss of his mom, Wes takes his cousin in to teach him (what he thinks) is going to help him grow up and be a man.

The series creators and stars, Joshua Jean-Baptiste and Edson Jean, won the opportunity to have the series streamed on Complex through Adaptive Studio’s Project Greenlight contest. Jean, who also appeared in Ballers, War Dogs, and the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight, directed all of the episodes.

The first episode serves as an incredible introduction to the show’s main characters, their traditional Haitian family background, and where the series may twist and turn. Check out the series premiere for yourself below.